Despite the options available for melasma treatment, from lasers to topical medications, to peels and ointments, getting control over it has always been very challenging.

The classic approach to treating melasma has been to address the pigment deposits and prevent further pigmentation. Clinicians would use chemical peels or laser resurfacing to minimize the skin discoloration, along with the application of sunscreens, in order to minimize future sun damage.

The success of this “traditional” protocol remains mixed at best, and patients are prone to recurrence of the symptoms. However, microneedling has become a preferred method for treating melasma, by clinicians worldwide. So, if you’re struggling with melasma, take heart, there are increasingly less invasive and more effective options for you to consider!

How Microneedling Can Help Melasma…

In 2017, the BMC Journal of Dermatology published the results of another study conducted by Brazilian dermatologists, who incorporated microneedling as an adjuvant treatment for recurring melasma.  The clinicians also performed skin biopsies to see if there were any beneficial effects on a cellular level.

After a six-month treatment protocol, researchers reported demonstrable improvement of the melasma, with all  of the patients expressing satisfaction with the results—no recurrence was reported during this time.  Additionally, the biopsies revealed changes at the cellular level, from restoration of previously damaged areas to decreased melanocyte activity.

Stem Cell Cytokines For Melasma Treatments…

In my practice, I utilize a microneedling combination with stem cell based cytokines for treating melasma. With the addition of the stem cell cytokines, we see a reduction in the inflammation (one of the biggest challenges in restoring health to melasma sufferers is inflammation), and the reparative properties of bone marrow based cytokines have shown to be very promising.

If you’d like more information about how microneedling can help with your skin condition, reach out to me at I’ll be happy to answer any of your questions!

*Reference: Lima, et al. “Assessment of the effects of skin microneedling as an adjuvant therapy for facial melasma:  a pilot study”. BMC Dermatology (2017) 17:14.  DOI:  10.1186/s12895-017-0066-5.

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