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What is Cellustrious®?

Hair loss is complicated, but In this video, Misti gives us the basics on how Cellustrious® works to trigger and stimulate the hair follicle,

Can Medications Cause Hair Loss?

Your medications may be contributing to hair loss. Misti Barnes explains how medications can disturb the follicles, and impact the growth phases of development.

7 Little Known Hair Loss Facts for Men

When it comes to hair loss in men, there are 7 things you need to know. In this video, Misti discusses: Why Some Men go Bald, How Your Age Affects Your Loss, Genetic Factors that Increase their Risk, Which Side of the Family is Responsible for Baldness, and How Stress Affects Hair Loss in Men.

6 Main Causes of Hair Loss in Women

Misti talks about the main causes of female hair loss. From hormones, to stress, to weight loss, pregnancy, iron deficiencies, medications, there are many causes of female hair loss. Learn how to identify what may be causing your loss.

How Long Does it Take for Hair to Grow?

Misti Barnes talks about how long it takes for hair to grow, and what to expect when it comes to hair loss treatments.

6 Key Factors to Address With Hair Loss

There are 6 Key Factors that must be addressed when it comes to male and female hair loss. Misti Barnes talks about the most important elements when trying to stimulate hair growth…

New Treatment for Hair Loss

Misti Barnes discusses the latest in hair loss. Cellustrious®, her patent-pending treatment, utilizes the latest in cutting edge, non-invasive treatment which uses plant derived peptides, cytokines to support hair follicle rejuvenation…



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