How to Thicken Hair Naturally 

Wondering how to thicken hair naturally? No doubt you’ve heard about the dozens of home remedies, solutions, and products to thicken hair. Today, I’m going to recommend alternatives to the harsh chemicals, surgeries, and treatments that are often used; including treatments I’ve found to be highly effective in my own clinic. Most of my clients want to thicken their hair and prevent hair loss naturally which is why I’ve put together this list.  

Before going in to my recommendations on how to thicken hair, I’ll share some solutions that are common, but not always effective, and certainly don’t work for everyone. Topical medications, such as Rogaine, have shown good results, but they don’t offer perfect results for everyone. Propecia has been effective, but it is dose dependent. This means the hair will fall out when medication is discontinued. Surgeries, like hair transplants or FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), can be very painful, cost tens of thousands of dollars, and can not be guaranteed. Finally, PRP (platelet-rich plasma) is a medical procedure that is costly and inconsistent in its effectiveness. Take a look at my recommendations below for ways in which to thicken hair naturally.

Hair Follicle Rejuvenation

Nothing is more natural than your own hair. The best way I have found to increase hair growth, thicken hair, and/or reverse hair loss is through Hair Follicle Rejuvenation Protocol™, a patent-pending technology. I developed the new, non-invasive procedure that is based on a breakthrough in stem cell research. This research allows scientists to isolate the stem cell factors that contribute to hair growth. It is the most effective treatment so far and I highly recommend it for anyone who suffers from hair loss, balding, alopecia, or wants to thicken hair naturally.

Emu Oil

Emu oil may come as a surprise, but it is a fantastic solution that is 100% natural. Emu oil comes from the emu, the second largest bird in the world. The oil has no side effects and helps reduce inflammation on the scalp, which can be a major cause of hair loss. I recommend applying the oil overnight and washing it off in the morning.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 deficiency is one of the causes of hair loss. On the contrary, taking Vitamin D3 can boost hair growth, thicken hair, and fight against hair loss. A study from the Stem Cells Translational Medicine Journal suggests that Vitamin D3 can lead to improved hair thickness because of its ability to foster the growth of new follicles.


If you are looking for a supplement as a solution on how to thicken hair, biotin is a great option! It is a B vitamin which contributes to hair, skin, and nail strength. It also just makes things look better! There are different ways to get the benefits of Biotin. You can find shampoos that include Biotin or even pills that you can take orally as a supplement. Biotin contributes to hair and nail growth and helps to treat weak hair and nails.

Solutions that Work

The best way to thicken hair is to combine the solutions I’ve listed above. It’s rarely a “one and done” effort, especially when it comes to the hair and skin. Like exercise, it’s a consistent effort over time that nets the best results.  As a hair restoration expert, I offer a free consultation for clients who are looking for solutions on how to thicken hair. Ready to learn more? Just sign up here to take advantage of my offer for a free appointment.

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