The Hair Follicle Rejuvenation™ developed by Misti Barnes, involves an advanced technique, which utilizes adult hair stem cell cytokines which trigger the production of growth hormones and chemicals in order to promote new hair. The result is an increase in hair growth and density, without the invasiveness caused by injections, PRP, surgery, drugs or lasers.

"My hair is much thicker and my bald spot has filled in almost completely. I highly recommend Misti and this treatment."

-Richard R.  Westlake Village, CA


  • No plugs, drugs, shampoos, lasers or surgery
  • 1/3 the cost of most treatments
  • Completely natural & non-invasive
  • No pain or downtime, minimal follow-up
  • Works for MEN and WOMEN

Studies show our technique is more effective than Minoxidil or hair growth treatments.*  Results are cumulative and improve over time. 6-10 treatments may be required. (*Intl. Journal of Trichology, 2014).

“My father recently went to Misti at Ideal Beauty for two micro-needling sessions.  I was initially nervous about his decision to have the procedure, but I have to admit that the results are incredible!  For anyone who is troubled by their own hair loss, I highly recommend you check out this procedure.  My dad had a large bald spot on the back of his head that has now been reduced to the size of a quarter. Amazing!"

-Kevin H. Santa Clarita, CA



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