Considering a Tattoo Eyebrow Your? Check Out These Alternatives First

First off, a tattoo eyebrow is fairly permanent, even though they are often touted as “semi-permanent.” Once the tattoo is done, it’s hard to change the shape. And, because there are so many people with very little training offering their services, it often ends up looking unnatural. Then, there are many horror stories of permanent makeup going wrong – tattoos that, unfortunately, people are stuck with. While there are removal processes available, once you get a tattoo on your brows, it’s costly, painful and very time consuming to remove. Now, thank heavens, there are more options than ever, even better than a tattoo eyebrow. Take a look at the alternatives below before you decide to make a decision that may cost you much more than a few extra dollars in the long run…

Tattoo Eyebrow Alternatives


Microblading the process of inserting pigment into the upper layer of the brows using a “pen” that contains very fine needles to create very thin, hairlike strokes that blend naturally and look like real hair. It’s a great alternative to permanent makeup for the eyebrows, and while it is semi-permanent, meaning it needs to be redone anywhere from 24 to 36 months after the initial treatment, it can be difficult to remove. Although a great alternative, it is still not a 100% natural solution. Also, it is not for everyone. For example, it is not an idea treatment for people with sensitive or oily skin, dermatitis, or some autoimmune disorders.

Eyebrow Rejuvenation

This is the first 100% natural treatment for eyebrow hair growth, that has only recently become possible due to break throughs in stem cell research. Eyebrow Rejuvenation, developed by Misti Barnes, is a proprietary process that combines medical needling with human-derived stem cells to rejuvenate you’re bodies’ own natural hair. There is no ink or artificial hair involved in the treatment. For more information about this treatment, contact Misti for a free consultation.

Eyebrow Makeup

There are many different ways to apply makeup to fill in the eyebrows or to draw them on completely. Some of the more popular methods are eyebrow pencils, eyebrow gel, and/or a combination of these with eyebrow powder. This gives you flexibility, by being able to change the look of your brows each day, but, let’s face it, it’s a hassle. Who wants to draw their own eyebrows every day?

It’s a really exciting time, because there are so many choices out there for having gorgeous eyebrows. With all these choices, you’re able to make more educated decision about which eyebrow treatment is best for you. Remember, a tattoo eyebrow is mostly permanent, microblading is semi-permanent, Eyebrow Rejuvenation by Misti Barnes is 100% natural, and makeup requires daily effort to maintain. Whatever your choice is, do your research, spend the time and don’t cut corners. It’s your face. You deserve to have the best. Find more information on eyebrow rejuvenation here. To schedule a free consultation, book your appointment here.

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