Cellustrious® Scalp Replenisher 2oz.


Made from pure AEA approved emu oil, this anti-inflammatory oil will replenish lost lipids and oils. Infused with Saw Palmetto, it will also help reduce Alpha-5 reductase.



Made with pure AEA approved emu oil – the closest thing to human fat which is absorbed at 98% – and with Saw Palmetto,  this oil replenishes lost lipids and oils that are key to scalp health.

  • Helps reduce inflammation
  • Wound healing and scalp healing
  • Supports treatment protocols
  • Helps inhibit DHT

Application & Usage: Leave-in serum, to be used after stamping with Cellustrious® At-Home Hair Follicle Rejuvenation Serum, before bedtime.

Ingredients: Emu oil, saw palmetto extract, emulsifying wax, Tocopherol.


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