How Cellustrious™ Works:

Cellustrious™ target and treats the major reasons for hair loss:  5-alpha reductase, oxidative stress/toxins/free radical damage, lack of circulation in the follicle base, inflammation, follicle dormancy. With this protocol and treatment plan, we treat not only the symptoms of hair loss, but support cell differentiation, proliferation, and elongation, as well as reactivate dormant follicles.

The special combnation of proprietary serums include 12 bio-identical growth factors and cytolines that have proven efficacy for hair growth (Wnt-1 pathway) , are added to make this the most scientifically advanced product of its type. When combined with the Cellustrious™ home treatments, patients get results,  without drugs, surgery, injections, pain or side effects.

Why Cellustrious?

For people who begin to experience hair loss, it is a very painful experience – embarrassment, loss of confidence, fear of aging, and anxiety. To date, marketplace solutions like Propecia, Rogaine, lasers, and transplants - even PRP -  have been less than ideal, because they tend to isolate singular solutions to hair loss, not the complete problem. Additionally, the side effects can be a problem for many.

 Cellustrious™ was developed by Misti Barnes, after testing treatments that she developed from her skincare protocols. After treating over 100 people with a 97% success rate, she released her non-clinical trials at the Boston Biolife Medical Conference, to the great approval and interest of both functional medicine and regenerative medical professionals. In fact, most doctors were in agreement that Cellustrious™ was more effective and consistent in its results than PRP.

 Cellustrious™ has gone through extensive testing and research that proves its ability to provide consistent and predictable reversal of hair loss. In a three-year study Cellustrious™ stem cell-based cytokine treatment has produced very consistent and predictable results.

About The Founder

Misti Barnes is a graduate of Pepperdine University, a certified Collagen Restoration Therapist, a Medical Micropigmentation Artist, and is working to receive a Trichologist license. Misti was trained by and worked with a prominent LA cosmetic surgeon when she began developing non-invasive anti-aging protocols for A-list celebrities and executives to treat wrinkles, sun damage, acne, stretch marks and, ultimately, hair loss.

Misti is the creator and developer of Cellustrious™ a patent-pending non-invasive treatment which combines hair follicle stem cells with micro needling to regenerate and restore hair. Clients come from all around the U.S. for her hair, acne, and post-surgical scar treatments. She was a featured speaker at the 2018 Boston Biolife Stem Cell Regenerative Medicine Conference, and has appeared on FOX Health News, and is a speaker at professional health gatherings.  She has published three books, (Hazelden Publishing), has been published in Plastic Surgery Practice Magazine, and is a contributing editor to THE Aesthetic Guide, published by Medical Insight, the most influential print and digital journal in the field of aesthetic medicine.

Misti is dedicated to developing non-invasive innovations for hair loss and skin care and helping clients improve their lives with non-surgical, drug-free esthetic results. Misti is the developer and creator of the Cellustrious Hair Follicle Rejuvenation ™ training protocol and system.


Misti’s pioneering work has been acknowledged by doctors and leaders in the industry, and her hair restoration techniques are being used to train surgeons in Scottsdale, Seattle, and Newport Beach CA.

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