Microblading is a relatively new, semi-permanent alternative to “permanent brows.” Microblading creates a natural looking, defined arch and shape for people who’ve over-plucked, overwaxed or have thinning brow hair.

“My brows were almost nonexistent, and now they’re full and youthful. Misti really wants happy customers and she goes the extra mile to show her concern and takes extra care to make the end result look natural, and to fit your face. She doesn’t just give you cookie-cutter,  one-style-fits-all permanent make up and since it’s on your face,  that’s important! I’m really happy with my new brows and would definitely recommend her services.”

-Janice S., Tarzana, CA


Unlike a regular tattoo, ​Microblading consists of placing pigment under the skin with a manual, handheld tool instead of a machine, allowing us to create fine, hair-like strokes which mimic real hair. Microblading looks totally natural and it doesn’t bleed, blur, or change color after healing. ​A touch-up is required within 4 weeks. Results will last from 1 to 3 years.


Microblading is state regulated; mastering this skill requires getting licensed on a machine or a hand-tool. If not executed properly, microblading can cause scar tissue and infection. Make sure to see a Board Certified Permanent Makeup Artist that is licensed and the facility is approved by the Dept. of Health.
“She darkened my eyebrows to match my skin color and also used stem cells to enhance hair growth on my scalp. I got great results for both! Thank you Misti!!”

-Debra M., Thousand Oaks, CA

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