5 Causes of Hair Loss

5 Causes of Hair Loss Hair loss is a sensitive topic for anyone who has experienced it. Some people can identify why they are experiencing hair loss, while it’s a mystery for most others.  Many factors can contribute to hair loss, including, but not limited to: diet, stress levels, and autoimmune disorders. Let’s dive into […]

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How to Thicken Hair Naturally

How to Thicken Hair Naturally  Wondering how to thicken hair naturally? No doubt you’ve heard about the dozens of home remedies, solutions, and products to thicken hair. Today, I’m going to recommend alternatives to the harsh chemicals, surgeries, and treatments that are often used; including treatments I’ve found to be highly effective in my own […]

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3 Secrets to Thicker Eyebrows

3 Secrets to Thicker Eyebrows The secret to getting thicker eyebrows isn’t just one simple answer. There are many ways you can thicken your eyebrows to achieve the look you want. The options range from temporary solutions that you can remove at night to permanent solutions that can last a lifetime. Depending on your desired […]

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What Causes Hair Loss?

  What Causes Hair Loss? Hair loss is a topic of concern for many individuals. People of all ages, from different ethnic backgrounds can suffer from hair loss. In addition to being a cosmetic problem, hair loss can also affect other aspects of people’s lives because of the symbolic meaning it has. Hair represents youth, […]

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Where Does Acne Really Begin?

Acne Begins in the Gut Almost 1/3 of dermatologists say that acne is not an infection, it’s an inflammation. Acne is often created by a bacterial infection, so the seemingly obvious solution is to shrink the inflammation. According to Dr. Ben Johnson, the most common thread is Candida. There are approximately 56 strains of Candida, […]

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Medical Microneedling: Not All Approaches Are The Same

Not all microneedling techniques or tools are the same. The FDA recently released a warning letter it sent to Eclipse Aesthetics, claiming the company lacks appropriate regulatory clearance for its Eclipse Micropen Elite, which it describes as a “dermal micro-needling device” used for skincare applications. The letter came after an FDA inspection in August last year uncovered […]

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