Medical Microneedling: Not All Approaches Are The Same

Not all microneedling techniques or tools are the same. The FDA recently released a warning letter it sent to Eclipse Aesthetics, claiming the company lacks appropriate regulatory clearance for its Eclipse Micropen Elite, which it describes as a “dermal micro-needling device” used for skincare applications. The letter came after an FDA inspection in August last year uncovered … Continued

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Microneedling for Melasma Sufferers

What is Melasma? Melasma is a chronic skin disorder that results in symmetrical, blotchy, brownish facial pigmentation. It’s more common in women than in men, it generally starts between 20 and 40 years, and can lead to embarrassment and distress. Despite the wide options available for the treatment of melasma, including lasers, active topical medications, … Continued

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